SEO & Digital Marketing

For best ROI, choose either the Complete Digital Marketing Package, or one SEO package and one Social Media Marketing Package.

SEO Basic Package

$350/one time

Our Basic SEO Package goal is for you to show up locally in the main four search engines: Google, Google Mobile, Yahoo and Bing. A one time set-up consisting of keyword research and competitive analysis for your new or existing website.* No ongoing analysis and reporting.

*We do not work with Wix websites.

SEO Standard Package


This includes setting up your website page by page as SEO friendly, and producing a strong ongoing SEO Campaign. This package includes:

  • Keyword research, competitive analysis, reporting and analysis on a recurring monthly basis. As well as SEO content of up to 5 blog posts.
  • Monthly analytics reports.
  • Quarterly in person meeting or Zoom call for SEO/ROI review.

SEO Premium Package


The premium package includes everything in the standard package, but beefed up to increase a more efficient SEO output. Most companies will choose this after seeing more of a competitive disadvantage in your rankings due to a more competitive landscape in your industry. Guaranteed SEO content for 20 blog posts and webpage updates.

SEO Gold Package


The Ultimate SEO Package. This Includes everything mentioned in the Complete Digital Marketing Package except for the Social Media Marketing aspect. This is for companies who want to dial in a focus for just SEO. Ranking at 56 for your local search? Ouch! Very competitive in your industry? Taking a break from Social Media Marketing efforts, or just simply want to use a traditional marketing plan?  This is for you. 

Google Advertisement (PPC)

Starting at $250/monthly

Formerly known as Google Pay Per Click (PPC), Google Ads has different types of campaigns: Search, Display, Video, Shopping, App, Discovery and Smart. These are all different Google Ads that Google offers you.

What your business is, your budget, and your industry’s current competitive atmosphere depends on what ads you need to focus on. We can start with the basics and move on to more complex advertising as time goes on.

All metrics and performance will be transparent with you, and used to better attract your customers.

Your advertising budget is separate, so how much you want to use in ads is up to you.

Social Media Advertisement

Starting at $250-500/monthly

Social Media Advertising Campaigns for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, X, Pinterest, and TikTok. This is spent on your strategy and keeping up with your performance and analytics for how these advertisements function.

Your advertising budget is separate, so how much you want to use in ads is up to you.

Complete Social Marketing Package

Starting at $1,600/monthly

Full unmatched attentiveness to all your socials:

  • 3-5 posts per week.
  • Daily engagement, once in the morning and once in the evening.
  • Social Media Branding and Strategy.
  • Advertisement research, preparing the best target demographic for your company. All performance and metrics are kept and saved to better connect you to your customers for future campaigns.

Our goal with the Complete Social Media Marketing Package is to provide a strong ongoing presence and performance to give you the most leads, and to connect you with your customers you otherwise wouldn’t obtain.

Complete Digital Marketing Package

Starting at $2,800/month

This includes everything Digital Marketing and SEO.

  • Branding (how your company appears and functions under the digital landscape.
  • SEO Campaign (keyword research, competitive analysis, reporting and analysis on a recurring monthly basis), SEO Content (blog posts, landing pages and setting up your website to be full SEO friendly to ensure you will rank on Google and build a strong foundation for you to rise in the rankings.
  • PPC stands for “pay per click”. We will facilitate which type of Google Ads will work best in your favor. Some ads that Google offers are search, display, video, shopping, app, discovery, and smart campaigns. Everything will be tracked via Google Analytics.
  • We will also do Social Media Strategy and facilitating every post, comment response, advertisement strategy. 
  • Blogging & Content Update. Guaranteed 32 posts per month for blog posts and landing pages, web page updates to optimize the most efficient SEO. All blogs are properly set up, posted and indexed. All images are uniquely yours and will be posted with your blogs.

We provide full communication and transparency with your company, unlimited Zoom phone calls, and complete business attentiveness.