Branding & Digital Design

Branding & Graphic Design Summerville Charleston SCWe don’t only design websites, we also specialize in corporate branding and digital design.

Whether it’s developing cohesive brand identities, designing eye-catching social media graphics, or creating engaging photo or video content, we bring a unique blend of creativity and strategic thinking to every graphic design project.

We help businesses to create impactful and meaningful content that resonates with their target audience.

We offer competitive pricing structures that are affordable for small businesses and individuals, without compromising on the quality of our work.

Let’s collaborate and bring your vision to life!

What we offer

Logo Packages

Starting at $350-550

Crafting unique and memorable logos that capture the essence of your business and leave a lasting impression. We offer two different packages.

  • Premium Package:

    A unique memorable logo design tailored to your brand identity, includes 3 different logo designs and 3 revisions to refine the chosen concept.

  • Deluxe package:

    Unique memorable logo design tailored to your brand identity, includes 4 different logo designs and 5 revisions to refine the chosen concept.

Final logo files provided in various formats for both print and digital use.

Corporate Branding

Starting at $2,000

Developing consistent visual identities, including color palettes, typography, and brand guidelines. We strive to create a cohesive brand image from logo creation to marketing and print material.

  • Branding Visual Language:

    Every project starts by defining a brand. This work will include an interview and exercises to find the heart of your brand, so we can translate it into a magnificent message and design. We discuss your target audience, and overall business goals, and create an image for your business to match accordingly.

  • Logo & Variations:

    Crafting a unique and memorable logo that captures the essence of your brand and leaves a lasting impression. Variations of the chosen design will be provided for different marketing/printing needs (horizontal vs vertical layout, fabric vs paper printing, contrasting colors, etc.)

  • Tagline(s):

    Crafting descriptive and expressive phrases that will capture the soul of your business, and will speak to your target audience.

  • Color palette:

    Specifications for the colors in your logo, plus a secondary palette that coordinate. Pantone, CMYK, RGB, and hexadecimal codes provided.

  • Typography:

    Recommendations for brand fonts, with examples of how to use them together.

  • Visual Theme:

    Along with a logo, fonts, and colors, brands also need shapes and lines, a certain photography or illustration style, custom patterns, or other elements that flesh out a visual theme. These elements will be applied to mockup layouts to show how they should be used.

  • Brand Style Guide:

    A multi-page document that describes all of the elements of your brand uniqueness.

Graphic Design Services

  • Print Design Package:

    Designing eye-catching marketing collateral such as business cards, signs, brochures, flyers, and posters. We take care of designing professional material for your business, and you take the ready-to-print files to your preferred online or local printing company.

Photography and Video Services for Social Media and marketing campaigns

Starting at $200-300

Elevate your social media presence with our professional photography and video services. We specialize in creating high-quality visual content that captures the essence of your brand and engages your audience.

Invest in your social media success with our tailored photography and video services. Reach out today to discuss your project and get a personalized estimate!

Services Offered:

  1. Photography:

    • Product Photography: Highlight your products with crisp, detailed shots.
    • Lifestyle Photography: Showcase your brand in real-life settings.
    • Event Photography: Capture memorable moments from your events.
  2. Video Production:

    • Promotional Videos: Short, engaging videos to promote your products or services.
    • Event Coverage: Full coverage of your events, edited to highlight key moments.
    • Social Media Clips: Optimized videos for platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.


Please note that prices can vary based on project complexity and specific requirements. Contact us for a customized estimate.

  • Photography Packages:
    • Basic Package: $200 – Includes 1-hour session, 10 edited photos.
    • Standard Package: $400 – Includes 2-hour session, 25 edited photos.
    • Premium Package: $700 – Includes 4-hour session, 50 edited photos, and a consultation.
  • Video Production Packages:
    • Basic Package: $300 – Includes 1-minute video, basic editing.
    • Standard Package: $600 – Includes 3-minute video, advanced editing, and music overlay.
    • Premium Package: $1,000 – Includes 5-minute video, professional editing, and custom graphics.